Telephone Interviewing is conducted throughout North America from Elemental Data Collection’s call center facility in Ottawa, Ontario utilizing the latest Voxco Command Center software. We have 110 permanent CATI stations across 190 dedicated dialing lines and the call center features full predictive dialing capabilities as well as full TCPA manual dialing compliance.  Our surveying ranges from general population residential research through to C-suite B2B research. The facility has been approved for Designated Safeguarding Capability (DSC) at the Proected B level by the federal Canadian government.

Elemental Data Collection maintains a large bilingual workforce, with over 35% of its staff being bilingual English/French. In addition, we offer other multilingual interviewing services including, but not limited to, Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin), Italian, Punjabi, Tagalog and Spanish.  Elemental Data Collection employs approximately 325 part-time interviewing staff and 30 full-time and full-time equivalent professional and field services staff.  All market research interviewers are either in the process of completing or have completed their post-secondary education.

Elemental Data Collection ensures a small team approach to research dividing the call center into 5 distinct teams with each team consisting of a dedicated quality supervisor that allows for routine monitoring for quality control of 10-15% of all surveys.  Our field supervisors and call center management staff support these smaller teams with excellent sample, productivity and quota management.