Colin Kiviaho | Partner

Colin began his market research career almost 20 years ago as a telephone interviewer.  As a graduate of the University of Ottawa’s School of Management, Colin used his education along with his dedication and commitment to quickly advance through the field industry. As Manager of Research Services, he managed a large department of CATI programmers and data analysts.  Through his career, Colin has personally managed over 2000 field projects including phone, online and mail studies.  Colin has gained a reputation in the industry for his hard work ethic, attention to detail and his determination to bring his clients’ projects in on budget and on time.

Darcy Zwetko | Partner

Darcy knew that market research was the industry for him through his thesis work at Trent University. Starting his career as a CATI/Tab programmer, Darcy has successfully executed over 2000 market research projects with a special emphasis on phone and online studies.  Through his hard work and education, Darcy quickly advanced in the industry where he became a Vice President of Research.  He also has extensive experience in managing online panels and has a technological expertise in CATI and online survey systems.  Darcy has earned a reputation for his exceptional client service and ability to find solutions.