Elemental Data Collection uses the latest online software by Voxco, which fully integrates with our CATI software to provide a seamless multi mode system.  Our online platform brings the full power of CATI to the online surveys and features:

  • complex logic including randomization, rotations and skip conditions
  • real time quota and sample management
  • customized emails and survey text based upon respondent specifications
  • special question types including drag and drop, card selection and drill down
  • automatic device detection for mobile surveys
  • multi-language capabilities
  • real time access to top line frequencies, cross-tabs and open ends

In addition to our advanced online software, Elemental Data Collection has also established partnerships with some of North America’s largest online panel providers.  In order to qualify as an Elemental Data Collection panel partner, the provider must be thoroughly vetted by us to ensure that all quality standards are met and maintained on an ongoing basis.  Some of the methods employed to ensure integrity include:

  • Members only receive survey invitations after they have double opted-in
  • Only one panelist account per household. Suspicious email addresses, domains and IP’s are blocked. Online survey takers that are known to have provided inaccurate data are blocked thereby increasing panel integrity
  • Ongoing analysis to ensure accurate responses – assess and remove panelists who provide the same response or pattern of responses throughout the online survey
  • Minimum time thresholds proactively weed out responses that appear to be the result of fast, careless answering as well as minimum number of words in open ends
  • Panelists randomly contacted through the call center to verify membership and demographics
  • The number of surveys a panelist can complete is limited to four in a month and no more than one per week. This reduces panelist fatigue and extends the lifespan of a panelist.
  • Active communication with panelists through a quarterly newsletter.

We also have access to several specialty panels, including :

  • Medical including doctors and nurses
  • Illness and disease
  • Corporate decision maker/business panels including IT/Technology
  • Ethnicity including Hispanic, African-American and Quebecois
  • Youth including teens and students
  • Household demographic composition including families
  • Financial decision maker
  • Travel and tourism